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Resources and the Environment (Spiegl 8th Grade): Resources

Suggested Websites  Anthropocene timeline and lots of great tabs.  CO2 levels, Keeling curve and lots of drop downs. Sequestering carbon in the soil to get below 350 ppm (or to pre-industrial levels)  Check out global maps and Explore All - Browse Topics  NOAA,  Icons on left or SEARCH bar with your ideas  Forecasting the World's Energy Resources 
Pacific island goes 100% solar
electrochemical conversion of atmospheric CO2 to useful fuels and chemical compounds
The Soil Story....CO2 from the atmosphere to the soil to draw down levels

Off Campus Access to Databases and Ebooks

Find eBooks on Destiny, MBA's Online Catalog

Check Destiny for ebooks on your topic by using the search box below.  Change the "Material Type" on the main Destiny search page to "Electronic Book". before typing in your person or subject.  

Good to know:

   - Click on the open button next to the ebook's title to see the book

   - Ebooks have citations whch can be cut and pasted into Noodletools if a citation is needed

   - Most of our ebooks support multiple users with simultaneous access.  If not, try again later.

   - You will need username/password to access off campus!