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Resources and the Environment (Spiegl 8th Grade): Assignment Details

Purpose of the Assignment

  • Demonstrate links to current events and their topic.
  • Present as a group member, individual and class member, a broad knowledge of their chosen topic and how it relates to Chapters 24, 25, and 26.
  • Select an appropriate visual mechanism to present their topic.
  • Present current and measured facts from reputable sources that represent both sides of the issue they have chosen to research.
  • Demonstrate a past, present and future timeline of the topic and anthropogenic links. 

Presentation Modes

Use Powerpoint, Google Slides, Prezi, Canva, or any digital presentation tool with lecture, just about anything we discuss together and approve.   Be prepared to contribute your topic discussion as part of your class period’s overall treatment of the unit!

Grading Rubric

Energy and conviction of presentation – 15 pts.

Research and connection to book and current topics – 20 pts.

Creative contribution to class presentation – 15 pts.

Connection to anthropocene timeline – 10 pts.

Time usage: greater than 5 and less than 7 minutes (unless groups, then 7-10 minutes) – 15 pts.

Connection to/knowledge of, technologies in play: - 15 pts.

Solutions and recommendations  - 10 pts. 



Please cite your sources in NoodleTools, then print to be handed in the day your presentation is due>

  1. Book chapters and sections
  2. YOLD episode, Season and episode #’s and time stamps
  3. Current news sources (3)
  4. Library print resources or links presented by librarians
  5. Interviews, radio podcasts, radio, and TV documentaries
  6. Others, with permission