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Early Tennessee History Presentation (Brock and Euverard 7th Grade): Assignment and Resources to Find Information

Assignment Information

Early Tennessee History (founding to Civil War) Presentation Project


Instructions:  You will be assigned one of the topics below on Tennessee’s early history and working alone you will create a presentation, using either PowerPoint or Google Slides, to present to the class.  Follow the rubric below to earn the most points possible.


Scoring Rubric: (50 points possible)




Points Possible

Points Earned

Title Slide:  Title is relevant to topic of presentation, one color picture is neatly arranged, presenter’s name is included 



Information Slides:  3 slides that include accurate information on your topic that is neatly arranged in bullet points. Each slide should include a picture that relates to the topic. 

30 (10 points per slide)


Presentation:  No longer than 6 minutes, no shorter than 4 minutes, constant eye contact with the audience, read off note cards and no board



Citation Slide and Research:  Research is conducted using at least 3 credible sources, sources are listed on last slide, student uses class time wisely to work on research and presentation



Online Resources

If you are asked to sign in with a password, use your MBA Google ID/password. Let us know if you have any issues accessing these resources!