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Early Tennessee History Presentation (Brock and Euverard 7th Grade): Home

Assignment Information

Early Tennessee History (founding to Civil War) Presentation Project


Instructions:  You will be assigned one of the topics below on Tennessee’s early history and working alone you will create a presentation, using either PowerPoint or Google Slides, to present to the class.  Follow the rubric below to earn the most points possible.


Scoring Rubric: (50 points possible)




Points Possible

Points Earned

Title Slide:  Title is relevant to topic of presentation, one color picture is neatly arranged, presenter’s name is included 



Information Slides:  3 slides that include accurate information on your topic that is neatly arranged in bullet points. Each slide should include a picture that relates to the topic. 

30 (10 points per slide)


Presentation:  No longer than 6 minutes, no shorter than 4 minutes, constant eye contact with the audience, read off note cards and no board



Citation Slide and Research:  Research is conducted using at least 3 credible sources, sources are listed on last slide, student uses class time wisely to work on research and presentation



MLA Citation Information

How Do I Cite a Source in MLA Format?



Sources with One Container

Find these pieces of information and put them in this order:


Author. “Source.” Container, Publisher, Date of Publication, Location.


This format will work for many books, websites, images, videos, and encyclopedias. Here are some tips:


Author: Last Name, First Name.


Source: A specific article or chapter title should be in quotation marks.


Container: This is the title of the book, website, or database. Use italics.


Publisher: Look for the book’s publishing company. For a website, look for the copyright holder. 


Date of Publication: Look for the day, month, and year. If there is only a year, that is fine. 


Location: For an online source, the URL link is the location. If you want to indicate that you are using only a specific portion of a book, put the page numbers. Otherwise, there is no location for a book. Do not put the city where it was published.





Sources with Two Containers (Large Databases)

Find these pieces of information and put them in this order:


Author. “Source.” Container, Publisher, Date of Publication, Location, Second Container, Second Location.



Nota Bene!

You may not always be able to find every single piece of citation information. Many sources do not have individual authors, and that is fine. However, if you are missing MANY pieces of information, you may not be using a reliable source.

Online Resources

If you are asked to sign in with a password, use your MBA Google ID/password. Let us know if you have any issues accessing these resources!

Examples of Works Cited

Works Cited


Denial, Catherine J. “Trail of Tears.” Expansion and Reform, 3rd ed., Facts On File, 2018. American History, 

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Nardo, Don, editor. North American Indian Wars, Greenhaven Press, 1999.

“Sam Houston.” Britannica School, Encyclopedia Britannica, 2019,




Works Cited Checklist:

  • Alphabetical order of entries

  • Hanging indent

  • Period at the end of each entry