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Africa (Dodson, Lawrence, McMurray, Simpson 8th Grade): Mr. Lawrence's Assignment



African Kingdoms, Cultures, and Civilizations

Ajuran Sultanate (Somali sultanate)

Abyssinia Empire

Aksumite Empire (or under Aksum)

Benin Empire

Great Zimbabwe

Kilwa Sultanate (in Concise history, plus others)

Kingdom of Burundi

Kingdom of D’Mt (Northern Ethiopian, Southern Eritrean kingdom – not Damot, another later kingdom)

Kingdom of Ghana

Kingdom of Kemet (Kemet is an ancient name of Egypt, refers to the Old Kingdom of Egypt)

Kingdom of Mapungubwe (glorious legacy)

Kingdom of Mutapa (see Monomutapa in Civilizations book)

Kingdom of Rwanda

Kongo Kingdom

Luba-Lunda Empire (separate in Africana, Lunda sometimes called Aluund)

Mali Empire

Mossi Kingdoms

Songhai Empire (or sometimes Songhay)

Zulu Empire