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Topics in European History (Russ, Simpson, Lawrence, and Dodson 8th Grade): Grading Rubric: Lawrence

Each of the topics is an important time period or influence on European history that we will discuss in class. Your report should include an overview of the time period or event AND should also explain how the time period or event influenced Europe.





____Outline – Thesis statement, topic sentences per paragraph, specific evidence, concluding statements




____Visual Aid – quality images, balanced information, relevant and appealing





____ Length – at least 4:30, not to exceed 5:30


____ Significance – why is this person or topic famous/important?


____ Key Evidence – identify (with dates) key events, details, or facts


____ Story – include at least one interesting story (anecdote)


____ Organization – clear beginning, middle, end; coherent instead of random rambling


____ Delivery – pronunciation, familiarity with content, eye contact