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Topics in European History (Russ, Simpson, Lawrence, and Dodson 8th Grade): Places to Look for Information

Each of the topics is an important time period or influence on European history that we will discuss in class. Your report should include an overview of the time period or event AND should also explain how the time period or event influenced Europe.

Online Databases and Resources

Library Books in the Reference and Nonfiction Sections

These books are in the reference section of the library (next to the glassed in room with the magazines).

Try these:

  • Chronology of European History: 15,000 B.C. to 1997  call numbers: R 940.02 CHR
  • Great Events From History: The 17th Century  call number:  R 909 GRE 
  • Great Events From History: The 18th Century  call number:  R 909.47 GRE 

Use Destiny (the library's online catalog) to find individual books on your topic (use subject or keyword).  Write down the call number from Destiny.  Why is this important, you ask?  The library has over 20,000 volumes so in order to find the book on the shelves, you'll need the call number!

Cavendish Square Digital - Countries and Cultures

This database has updated information on countries and cultures around the world.    



If you're searching on the web, BEWARE OF WIKIPEDIA. Instead use Webpath Express....someone has already googled for you and chosen the most qualified and helpful sites!