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Sixties Documentary Proposal: NoodleTools Information

How To Create a NoodleTools Project and Share It

How to Create a New NoodleTools Project and Share it with Your Teacher and Group Partner


1. Go to and click on the LOG IN button in the upper right corner of your screen.


2. Do not sign in where it says Personal ID– click on the Google “G” logo so you can sign in with your MBA Google email and password.


3. Once you get to your NoodleTools account main page, click on the green New Project button on the top left. 


4. Choose MLA and Advanced for the citation style. 


5. In the “Project title” field, give your project a name.


6. Click “Submit” to create Project. 


7. On your NoodleTools Projects home page, click on the + symbol underneath SHARING.




8. Click the +share button and then type the name of your assignment inbox: 2022 Sixties Doc Project.  Then click DONE.



9. In the Student Collaboration box, click Add student and enter the MBA gmail address of your group partner (Full collaborator). Click Done. If your partner can now see this project when he signs into NoodleTools, you have done this correctly.