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Sixties Documentary Proposal (Fuller): Civil Rights Resources

ABC-CLIO History Databases

Four interactive programs that use primary documents, video, audio, and maps, to cover units in American History, American Government, World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras, and World History: The Modern Era.


If you do an advanced search, trying combining keywords on an advanced search such as "civil rights" and "Nashville."

Destiny (MBA's Online Catalog)

The Patrick Wiilson Library has  many books on the civil rights movement as well as local civil rights information.  Make sure to write down the call number before going to search on the shelves. See the library staff if you need help locating materials.

American History Online

Tennessee Primary Sources

Try these links for information.  Remember if you are off campus the usernames and passwords links are on the right.

Primary Sources for U.S. History

What is a primary source?

A primary source is first hand evidence. It was there at the time of an event. It is contemporary to the period being studied. Examples of primary sources are speeches, letters, songs, legislation, court decisions, journals/diaries, interviews, artifacts, autobiographies, and photographs.


Off Campus Usernames and Passwords

You will need this information to access databases when you are not on campus.