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Robert Penn Warren (Moxley 12th grade): Grading and Deadlines

Deadlines and Evaluation of Your Paper


W 4/24 Research assignment: complete 10 notecards 

W 5/1 Research assignment:  10 more notecards for a total of 20 so far, from at least two more sources; anything over 20 means extra credit; ROUGH PURPOSE, THESIS, PLAN DUE on paper to be turned in and graded for effort

T 5/7 Research assignment:  10 more notecards for a total of 30, from at least four sources

T 5/9 Full Outline due for ATKM project, heavily weighted (see sample outlines on the webpage);  make two copies, one to hand in, one to take home

F 5/10 Workshop (introduction and a body paragraph)

M 5/13 Workshop (2 more paragraphs)

T 5/14 Workshop (2 more paragraphs)

W 5/15 Workshop (2 more paragraphs)

T 5/16 half day 5-6 page research paper due, one-inch margins, 12 point font




The preparatory assignments (notes, outlines, drafts) will count at least 20% of the fourth quarter grade, and the final paper will count 30% of the fourth quarter. If you fall behind on the project, you will take the final examination.

All the King's Men Trailer (Sean Penn, 2006) Source: YouTube