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Robert Penn Warren (Moxley 12th grade): Noodletools


NoodleTools is an online citation maker that includes the capability to create notecards and an outline.  You should already have a NT account.  If you are a new student, however, and need to create an account, please follow the steps in the box below to do so.

Use the link in this box to access NT.  The users guide will help you immensely, but if you need additional assistance in using this program please make an appointment with Mrs. Klausner or Mr. Quinn.

YOU ARE REQUIRED TO USE NOODLETOOLS FOR THIS PROJECT TO GENERATE YOUR CITATIONS AND YOUR NOTECARDS.  Mr. Moxley will give you his dropbox name so that you can share your work in NT with him.

NEW FEATURE:  QuickCite!  Copy and paste in a citation from a trusted source that is already in MLA advanced format.

Steps in NoodleTools

1.  Create your account/personal ID if you don't have one.  IMPORTANT:  For first-time users on campus, you'll automatically be under MBA.   To create a personal ID from off campus, click on CREATE A PERSONAL ID and use the default "An account linked to a school/library subscription."  You will also need the username and password just this once (see the librarians).  If you don't do it this way from off campus,  your teachers will not be able to see your citations and notecards.

2.  Create a new project by choosing the green "+Create a New Project" button. (You will use the default "MLA Advanced.")

3.  Type in a description (e.g. Robert Penn Warren) and click create project.

4.  Once you create your project, you'll be in your dashboard.  Notice that you navigate by using the buttons at the top of the screen, and not your browser's back button.  In the dashboard you can put in your thesis statement if you wish, and there is even a space for a "to do" list.

5.  Make sure your choose "share project with a teacher's drop box" and put in your teacher's class name as directed.  You MUST do this so that your teacher can see and comment on your work.

6.  Once you find a source that you can use, click on Bibliography and create a citation by first choosing your citation type.  It is IMPORTANT that you start with the right type of citation (book, online database, etc.).  Answer all the questions, check for errors, update if needed, then generate your citation.  Note that the fields marked with an asterisk are required; the others are optional.  You can only put in the information that you have!  Creating citations builds your Work Cited page.

7.  Now you are ready to create notecards. Make sure you link your new notecard to the source citation.  If you quote directly from your source put your quote in the quotation box.  If you put the ideas down in your own words, put your thoughts into the paraphrase box.  You MUST give every notecard a title.  You can even stack your notecards (called a pile).

8.  When you quote one of your sources within your research paper, you may want to go to the Bibliography tab.  To the far right of each of your citations, there is a link in gray that says "parenthetical reference."  Click on the link and it will guide you to the correct format to use.

9.  NoodleTools will let you input an outline if you wish, and drag and drop your notecards on top of your outline.  Although an outline is required, you do not have to use NT for this unless you want to do so.   Need more outline help?  Click here for a sample outline (MBA writing center on the website).

10. NoodleTools will let you print your Works Cited page.  Go to the Bibliography tab, click on Print/Export and Print/Export to Word.

Mrs. Klausner and Mr. Quinn are NoodleTools MASTERS.....and will help you!  Email or see them to make an appointment for a one-on-one session in how to use NoodleTools.  It is easy once you do it, saves you time, and keeps your information organized.