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Research and Communication: Overview of the Class

This guide is primarily for use by 8th grade research students but contains helpful information for all students.

Why Does Good Research Matter?

Former President Obama speaks on the importance of having information literate citizens.

Class Overview


The 8th Grade Research Course introduces students to information literacy skills needed to access, evaluate, synthesize, and produce multiple formats of information. Reflecting ISTE Standards, the course is designed help students become Knowledge Constructors who understand concepts of academic honesty, content curation, and effective communication.

If You Have a Question or Need Help

I am available through school email:

Class Expectations and Grading


Class Rules and Expectations

  1. Come to class every day on time and with a positive attitude.

  1. Raise your hand before you speak. Take your participation and comments seriously.

  1. Respect others through your words and actions. That includes their computers and computer spaces.  

  1. Stay on task. Since this class involves computer work, only use your computer for class assignments unless you have permission to venture elsewhere! This computer lab is not officially library space; NO DOWNLOADING PERMITTED! Fifteen percent of your class grade will be based class behavior and participation.

Grading Scale

Research Class Grade Breakdown

15% Class Behavior and Participation

20% Homework and Quizzes (including Final Quiz)

25% Notecards and Bibliographic Citations

25% Annotated Bibliography

15% Mock Conference